Jupyter/Anaconda Install problem, Please Help


I am having some trouble installing anaconda/jupyter. I’m not sure exactly what I did but I’ll try and explain:

A few weeks ago I tried to install anaconda. It wouldn’t let me install it the regular way so I had to install it via Terminal (I have a mac). When I would open anaconda and launch Jupyter, a dozen Terminal windows would open.

I don’t really like how it opens like that and just want a regular version that doesn’t open a dozen Terminal windows. So I uninstalled anaconda by moving it to the trash. I also deleted the opt/ananconda3 folder.

Still when I open a Terminal window, a dozen Terminal windows open with it a heading “jupyter_mac.command --bash”

I’m trying to search online for how to get rid of it but some of what I am reading is over my head.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you


Hello buddy. Though I am not a Mac OS user but kindly go through the below links. I hope it might help you.

How to install Anaconda in Mac


Thanks, I’ll give this a try.

I think I’ve successfully uninstalled anaconda but now, I’ve got these “jupyter.mac.command - --bash” Terminal windows that open everytime I open Terminal so something is still there

Try this out:

Reset Bash Profile

The final thing to do is to remove the line in your Bash profile that was put there by Anaconda.

  • Locate and open the file “.bash_profile” in your User folder. (You’ll need to press Command+Shift to view hidden files).
  • Find the line: users/[your username]/anaconda3
  • Delete it.
  • Save the file and close it.

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