Jupyter notebook graphs not hiding ticks like DQ online jupyter

I have a little more of a basic question, rather than complex code, but it still annoys me. I just did the aesthetics first part, finishing with this 147-8 part. Part of this mission is using the following code for ticks while creating the code:

ax.tick_params(bottom="off", top="off", left="off", right="off")

What I expected to happen:

When creating the DQ graph, it is as it should be - clean.

What actually happened:

When using my locally installed Jupyter - it doesn’t remove the ticks at all. I tried using the code:


but this not only removed the ticks, but the labelling of the ticks, which is TOO clean.

Can anyone help - why is my local Jupyter reacting diferent to the DQ online version of Jupyter?

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Hi @kemad06,

I’ve encountered the same problem in the past, this post might help solving your problem and dig a little deeper. :wink:


Same thing happened to me as well. Using Boolean values sorted the issue.
So instead of ‘On’ use True and instead of ‘Off’ use False