Jupyter Notebook Guided Project Wouldn't Save. Now It's Just ... Gone?

I just finished the “Exploring Hacker News” Project. I tried to download the Notebook, but when I opened it using terminal, it only showed the first 2 cells I made. I went back to the Notebook on Dataquest and it kept telling me autosave failed, save failed etc when I tried to save my complete Notebook. I restarted my computer and now it just shows me 404 : Not Found when I try to reopen the project.

Have you checked this post here? I encountered this problem too last time so what I ended up using the locally-installed Jupyter.

The post also mentioned that

so I guess it’s a good practice to work on the guided projects outside DataQuest.

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Did you by any chance rename the notebook file? This is what would happen if you did, in which case the notebook might be recoverable (although from your description it might not be all of it)

Yes I did rename it to “Hacker News Project”

When I try to open the project page, it starts off in a blank “Basics.Ipynb” notebook. When I use the dropdown to switch to my “Hacker News Project.Ipynb” is when I get the 404 error.

I guess that did happen. I started with the Hacker News Project, but while reading the instructions it said “if you need a refresher, refer back to our Jupyter Notebook Guided Project”, so I had that open as well.

If you are able to rename the notebook to use underscores instead of spaces, you will then be able to get to your notebook — for some reason spaces cause it to 404.

In a notebook cell run the following:

mv "Hacker News Project.Ipynb" Hacker_News_Project.Ipynb

(you might need to adjust that syntax so that it matches exactly)

After that, refresh, and with any luck you’ll be able to access the notebook.

You can see some more thorough instructions for what I have described here:

Thanks! That did work. Unfortunately you were right in that it didn’t recover all of my work. It only recovered 2 cells out of about 20 haha. But good to know for next time.