Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab

Hello Coders. What are you using for projects? Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab or anything else?

I use jupyter notebook and normal script file .py using vim on a linux terminal.

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Hey @sayali_kutwal. I personally use local jupyter notebook for projects that don’t require large amounts of data processing or if I don’t need to share with someone. Google Colab is perfect for me when I want to share a jupyter notebook with someone or I have significant data processing involved. Hope this helps.


Personally I try to stay away from Google stuff as much as possible where I can.

Jupyter is fantastic, I really appreciate that Github supports it. Love that you can parse it and upload to Github pages as well, or even to Wordpress with the right add-on.

I also happen to have adapted to Spyder IDE since it’s bundled with Anaconda. I utterly hate the overly complex Pycharm.

I like the way Azure Data Studio is heading, although the keybindings are just a mess and some key features are missing, but these days Microsoft are quick to update their tools and often do a good job at it. It’s something worth keeping an eye on as you can effectively use Jupyter for SQL Server queries! and of course Microsoft offer (last I checked) free hosting for Jupyter notebooks.

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Hi @RobLW !

I agree with you that Jupyter is fantastic, and is what I use most often.

Just curious, though, why you stay away from Google stuff as much as possible?

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Google makes me want to put on a tin-foil hat :wink:
It’s not to say that this particular product is bad, they make very good products and services just rather minimize the data they gather on me. I’m sure they know more about us as individuals than we know ourselves.



:joy: Fair enough!

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