Jupyter/Terminal Connection Issues

Well, they’ve been trying to resolve it for forever now - if you look up in the posts history, ‘Switching containers’ or some other connectivity issues have been reported every now and them for quite some time, and still not much has improved. It’s astonishing that they seem to not manage to fix it once and for all.

Hi all,

Anyone else having problems using Dataquest? It doesn’t seem to be working both for guided projects and normal missions.

Any help would be great!

Many thanks


I decided to start the Data Engineer Path from scratch, although I’ve already completed the Python & SQL courses. The answer checker is currently refusing to accept my submissions for the basic beginner codes as correct, despite them being the exact same as the formal Answer. It’s quite annoying.

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The Jupyter notebook did not load. It was switching containers for over 1 hour.
I really hope Dataquest can resolve these platform issues. Otherwise, I really enjoy doing the missions!

Same error here. My Jupyter Notebook states - Connection issue found. A hard refresh does nothing to help.

Your virtual machine status: switching containers.

I just paid for an annual subscription and expect more from Dataquest.

I was having the same issue. The hard refresh worked for me just now. Hope it stays this way.

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Thanks for chiming in. Hard refreshed worked! Hard refresh had not worked earlier.

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Hi Everyone,

Our engineering team has rolled back the update that may have been causing this issue. Can you all please check and confirm whether it works now? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Working after the hard refresh!

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The jupyter notebook works fine now. Thank you!

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The terminal is still useless to me, and has been for several days. Will there be any compensation towards memberships? I was enjoying the course, but the issues with the terminal have left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. Even before it went down permanently, I was constantly having to hard refresh to get a functioning VM.


Thanks for the information. I have been able to complete the Data Analyst in Python but I have the course 4 of step 5 unmarked after the update which was previously marked before the update.

I will be glad for technical support.


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The issue is still present for me (currently on [Data Cleaning in Python: Advanced] > “Working with Missing Data”.

No Reason Phrase
Not connected - retry: 0
using https
Your virtual machine status: switching containers

I still get “A connection to the notebook server could not be established” message. I’m on guided Project : Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets.

I have performed the “Hard Refresh” and it still does not work. I have wanted too long to see this resolved. I cannot connect to the Python Kernel. The error message I receive reads : A connection to notebook server could not be established.The notebook will continue to reconnect. Check your network or notebook server.

Please assist.

Having the same issues now on 12/29, was working great up until earlier today.
Please assist, same issue switching containers.