Just a general message to all!

Greetings,people of the community.We all are passing a very tough time and ,the recent events that have been going on specifically talking,after the murder of George Floyd literally shook the world.People are afraid.They are afraid not just for losing their lives for a virus,but also of the supremacists who are none less than viruses of the society.The discrimination has continued for long and its high time that it should stop.So, to the people protesting,I would like to say,MAKE IT COUNT.Don’t let it pass without reason this time.

About the COVID situation.Everyone of us are having tough times.People are losing jobs,properties,even lives.We all know how a hard time it is ,but if we stick together , I believe we will be able to make it till,good times come.

So,if you have a friend in need,help them,ask them if they need anything or not. This is the time to be the best version of ourselves and we the people of the data community can lead the way by being examples

In the end, I would like to thank Dataquest to grant my scholarship and for giving me a chance to finding my way in the world of Data Science.Also its really admirable that you are supporting the cause and also helping people affected by COVID19.
Thank You!!

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