Just Another Prison Break Guided Project - but I also look at attempts per month!

Hello! I’ve just completed my first guided project. I took a look at some of the other feedback provided. I fleshed out some of my descriptions of what I’m doing with my data and why, as well as implementing a little more of the formatting to help distinguish parts of the project.
I wanted to try something different than even the suggested project additions, so I looked at attempts per month. I just used the barcode coding provider in the helper.py function from the guided project, so I know that the bar graph is less than ideal for that data. The months show up in the opposite order than expected. Hopefully as I go further in the course, I can figure out how to change that.
Other than that, is my analytical thinking clear? Am I providing too much detail, not enough?

(The guidelines are suggesting I copy and paste the URL of the last mission screen of the project and I think that is the following but I am not totally sure: Learn data science with Python and R projects )

PrisonBreak_1stProject.ipynb (172.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hey @watchingmidnight, thanks for sharing the project with the Community. I’m really glad that you’ve decided to step out of guided steps and employ some code you wanted. It’s an important part of learning, and it’s really good that you took this path early in the course. Keep it up in the future guided project.

Some feedback to improve your project from my side:

  • The title “A First Project in Python” is okayish but at this point, I would just go with your first subheading
    Prision Helicopter Escapes as the title. Also look out for the type :slight_smile:
  • Correctly insert the link to the dataset. You have to enclose the link into round parentheses
  • Is there any way you can organize the printout of the data in a prettier way?
  • Now, let’s append an item that has only the year on the end. I want to keep the date in tact for other analysis. - if you need to keep the original data intact, just save it into a variable and keep it there
  • You can easily reverse the order of bar in the barplot once you’ve learned a little bit of matplotlib
  • Overall, your analytical thinking is clear, although I’d create a bullet-point list of findings in the conclusion part of the project (or you can experiment by placing the main findings already in the beginning of the project)

Hope that helps! Good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:

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