Just another Prison break Project - First Project

Constructive feedback

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Hey there, congratulations on your first project! You are doing great!

Here are my suggestions:

  1. For cells 49 and 50, you can combine two cells in one, instead of print(max_year) in the separate line. Like this:

min_year = min(data, key=lambda x: x[0])[0]
max_year = max(data, key=lambda x: x[0])[0]


  1. The same goes for cells 53 and 54, you can combine those two cells in one for a better readability:

attempts_per_year =
for year in years:
attempts_per_year.append([year, 0])

  1. It’s a great idea to use markdown to explain the steps you do throughout your project. It helps both you and the reader to understand the flow of it. Here’s a great resource you can use for your next project.
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Hi @nketsiahjoshua7 good project

I suggest adding descriptions about your project on the noteboook, also some discussion about your findings would help your project to stand out.

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Thank you so much @gorelovaelizaveta01
Will definately check it out

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Thank you @PastorSotoBlanco
This is great advice

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