Just giving my flowers to Dataquest

I just wanted to say. I’ve been having a blast on this platform. I’ve been working in Data for the past two years but have been wanting to process into a Data Science role. I’ve used numerous resources and this is by far the best for my personal learning style. I’ve used Udemy but a couple of the courses seem to just breeze through the content without real practical application. I feel like I don’t really learn a topic because a section on, for example Pandas, will be about a hour long and then on to the next technology. I tried Code Academy’s Data Science path, which is similar to this but they’re also really quick on teaching material and moving onto the next subject. With Dataquest, you learn Pandas then they continue to drill it into your head with more supplementary work. This leads to a better understand of the material. I like that Dataquest takes its time in getting you to actually understand the material. I haven’t been excited about hoping onto a learning platform until signing up for this. I’m also excited to see a section on Kaggle, which was my primary goal to begin with. So, to see an entire section on Kaggle just gets me even more motivated for the future. I might still be working on Visualization, I’m definitely looking forward to whatever else comes.