Kernel Dead Error No Reason

KRENEL HAS DIED (need grave diggers!)

Screen Link:

My Code:

from csv import reader
import datetime as dt

hn = list(reader(open('hacker_news.csv')))
ask_posts = []
show_posts = []
other_posts = []
for post in hn:
    title = post[1]
#     print(title)
    if 'ask hn' in title.lower():
    elif 'show hn' in title.lower():
#         print(post)
print("askPosts size : ",len(ask_posts),"showPosts size : ",len(show_posts),"otherPosts size : ",len(other_posts))
total_ask_comments = 0
total_show_comments = 0
for post in ask_posts:
    post[4] = int(post[4])
    total_ask_comments += 1
avg_ask_comments = total_ask_comments/len(ask_posts)
for post in show_posts:
    post[4] = int(post[4])
    total_show_comments += 1
avg_ask_comments = round(total_ask_comments/len(ask_posts),2)
avg_show_comments = round(total_show_comments/len(ask_posts),2)

result_list = []
counts_by_hour = {}
comments_by_hour = {}
for post in ask_posts:
    value_pair = [post[6],int(post[4])]
#     print(result_list)
# print(result_list)
for row in result_list:
    hour = dt.datetime.strptime(row[0],"%m/%d/%Y %H:%M")
    hour = hour.strftime("%H")
#     print (hour)
    if hour not in counts_by_hour:
        counts_by_hour[hour] = 1
        comments_by_hour[hour] = result_list[1]
        counts_by_hour[hour] += 1
        comments_by_hour[hour] += result_list[1]
#         print(comments_by_hour)

# print (counts_by_hour)

What I expected to happen:
I expect the kernel to stay alive (dying is not an answer to any problems in life) or atleast i want it to talk to me. I do a lot of work in life i never quit nor complaint.

What I tried so far:
tried refresh, tried mozilla refresh (shift+refresh), tried clearing kernel and restarting, tried clearing output and code and whole memory and restarting. Nothing worked.
May be my code is a bit too heavy for Jupyter.
Also, I tried reading out other 2 posts similar topic to mine but not helpful so i created a speciic one for mine.

What actually happened:
Kernel Died, wont come alive

Kernel appears to have died. it will re-start automatically.

Course : Python Intermediate
Mission : Guided Project (2) - Exploring Hacker News
Chapter : 5/8

Have you solve it yet?