Keyboard shortcut: switch between lesson content (left pane) & code box (right pane)

Hello there! Keyboard shortcut enthusiast here :slight_smile: When learning in DataQuest, I hate having to use a mouse to switch between the lesson content on the left hand pane (so I can scroll around using page+up/page+down) to the code input box on the right side pane and back again.

I’ve tried tab and shift+tab, but once you’re in the code box you seem to be stuck there. Alt+tabbing into and out of the window also just puts you into the same pane you were already in.

Does anyone know a keyboard shortcut to switch the focus from left pane to right pane (and back) using only a keyboard?

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Hey @jtbnew.z,

From the articles Do you have any keyboard shortcuts?, there isn’t a keyboard shortcut to switch between pane from left to right at the moment.

Would love to see this functionality in the future!

I would also love to see this functionality, as it is the only thing stopping dataquest from being a completely mouse-free experience.