KNeighborsRegressor fit syntax - first argument needs extra brackets?

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Hopefully quick question about the first argument of First, links to the DQ screen in question and the documentation for the function.

Screen Link: Cross Validation 2/10
SciKit Documentation:, y)

When I pass the following arguments:
X = training_set['column'] (One set of brackets),
y = training_set['true value column']

This error is thrown:
ValueError: Found input variables with inconsistent numbers of samples: [1, n]

Where n is the number of elements in the training set. But when I pass:
X = training_set[['column']] (Two sets of brackets)
y = training_set['true value column']

It works without complaint.

My guess is that KNeighborsRegressor treats X = training_set['column'] as a single element, whereas it treats X = training_set[['column]] as the actual column of data (as intended).

Am I missing something obvious here?
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Why double brackets? - #2 by the_doctor probably will answer your question.

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Thanks so much. Sorry for the repost.