Labelling - axis and tick marks on axis - Star Wars GP

Screen Link:

My Code:
ax.set_xticklabels(‘Rotten Tomatoes’)

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What I expected to happen:
name of xtick should change to Rotten Tomatoes

What actually happened:
name of xtick should change to R instead

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what am i missing ?

hi @SanchitSinghal

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Are you looking for marking each tick on the x-axis or labeling the x-axis?
The former does not make sense though, as each tick will take one character from the string provided. The string here will be treated as a list.

Code snippet:

ax.set_xticklabels("[Rotten Tomatoes]") # will label each tick as character from "[string]" 
ax.set_xlabel(["Rotten Tomatoes"]) # will label the x-axis. 

Plot output: