Launching, Community Champions 2.0!

Six months ago, we launched a new program in our Community - the Community Champions program. We launched it with the goal of recognising high-impact activity in our Community:

Each week, we will aim to recognise a few learners who have made exceptional contribution to our community, so we may all appreciate and learn from them.

In line with this mission, we started calling out exceptional Guided Project sharers in the Community, each week.

And it was a success! Our community loved it!! In just a few months, we shared more than 500 Guided Projects with each other. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

That is why I’m ridiculously excited to announce that we are doubling down on the much loved Community Champions program with more rewards, more incentives, more coverage and the same mission.

It’s Community Champions 2.0! :tada:

Community Champions 2.0

To refresh the program, we have made changes across 3 dimensions:

1. Coverage

The Community Champions program will now recognize learners who engage in any high-impact activity in our Community.

Every Monday, we will give a shoutout to:

By drawing the attention of our entire Data Science community towards such initiatives we hope to incentivise more learners to engage with their peers.

2. Rewards

All Community Champions will be rewarded with 7 days of free extension on their Dataquest plan! :rocket:

What more - you can get multiple extensions by becoming a Champion on multiple weeks.

3. Badge

Each week, I will also grant this shiny, new, exclusive badge to our Community Champions :smile:


  • There are no metrics to determine what good Guided Project submissions look like. It is completely subjective and the decision of the Dataquest team will be binding. (Although, in the past, we have recognised projects that showed good effort, good storytelling, good visualisation or some combination of these things.)

  • You can receive free extensions on multiple weeks but only once per week.

  • “Personal projects” are side projects that are different from the guided projects present in Dataquest’s courses. You can see some examples here.

I am looking forward to proudly present all the amazing things that you will share with our Data Science community! :heart:


That’s great @nityesh! I’m looking forward to seeing many great projects, articles, and GP reviews! That’s especially incredible that you included personal projects. That’s where most knowledge is gained!

Happy coding to everyone:)