Launching the Learning Assistant program - creating a culture of helpfulness

The act of helping does good to both the person being helped and the person who is helping. Nowhere is this fact more utilised than in the tech industry. The Internet is filled with stories where learners narrate their experience and describe how helping others

  • helps you revise concepts and improve yourself
  • builds self-confidence by reaffirming your own mastery over the subject
  • gives you gratification in knowing that you sped up the learning process for a fellow learner

In fact, these are exactly the feelings that our community moderators articulated when they were asked for the reasons why they like helping in our community!

I, personally, believe that the ability to help others is a skill and a credential. That is why I am super excited about launching the Learning Assistant program with the aim of incentivising all members of this community to cultivate this skill.

Learning Assistants for the Dataquest Community

In this program, we will recognise learners, who consistently help solve the doubts of other learners. We do so by calling them out as Learning Assistants for the Dataquest Community. As a reward, we will also grant them a “Learning Assistant” badge in the Community, free Dataquest Premium membership, official certificate of volunteering and more.

We are dividing the above mentioned rewards into 3 tiers:

Tier 1 : A Learning Assistant badge


Tier 2: 4 weeks of free Dataquest subscription :rocket:

Tier 3 : 6 weeks of free Dataquest subscription + Certificate (Dataquest Learning Assistant)

Tier 4: Invitation to join the moderating team of our Dataquest Community :man_teacher: :woman_teacher: + unlimited access to Dataquest Premium subscription as long as you average 30 posts and 6 solutions per month :rocket: :rocket:

As a Community Moderator, you are also entitled to receive a personal recommendation letter from me that you can use during you job search.

The Dataquest team will evaluate the community members who are eligible to receive these rewards every month, based on the number of posts that the member has created to solve other learners’ problems.

Evaluation criteria

Here’s how we will evaluate for each tier:

Tier 1

  • Minimum number of total replies: 15
  • Minimum number of replies marked as solution: 3

Tier 2

  • Minimum number of total replies: 30
  • Minimum number of replies marked as solution: 6

Tier 3

  • Minimum number of total replies: 60
  • Minimum number of replies marked as solution: 12

Tier 4

  • Minimum number of total replies: 120
  • Minimum number of replies marked as solution: 24

A student must satisfy all the criteria for the particular tier in order to qualify for receiving its rewards.

Note: Our goal is to encourage the maximum number of students to help their peers and to that end, we will change or add to the above mentioned criteria as we see fit. So, do keep an eye on this topic for updates.

Let us make everyone around us better through teaching! :man_teacher: :woman_teacher:


it is a good idea for us to give back to the community that made who we are today. We are balizzing the trail on (see competitions).
if i am giving the opportunity i shall put in my best.Thanks


The idea is really amazing. Excited!!
The benefit of giving back to your community is it boosts your self-esteem. There’s nothing more self-affirming than knowing that you are doing something good.Plus, it makes you feel good.Now that you are doing something more meaningful in your life, you develop a better sense of self.


This is nice. We rise by lifting others.


Really like this idea! Helping others also makes you master your own skills.


Great idea! Hopefully this encourages more users to be more active in the DQ community.


Very good idea !! Thanks for always creating new concepts team !


Awesome! This is good, the idea and the purpose. Together we learn, together we grow.


I think this is a fantastic idea and I am definitely interested. I personally feel the best way to learn something is being able to teach it to others.


This is an awesome idea! This motivates me to help out on the forums.


Great idea! It will certainly make the learning community even more supportive. This, in addition to the great content Dataquest offers, makes the learning journey exciting.


Great idea! This will definitely support mutual help and motivates learning in the community.


Well thought👍. It is really going to make the community stronger. Thanks a lot


Such a great idea! Thank you!


thanks! great encouragement for dataquest community


This is a great idea…thank you very much


Great idea! Thank you!

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Wow! Nice Idea. Thirst for learning and support continues …


This is great!

I’m new to programming but I hope that I’ll be able to contribute to the community like this and help newbies like myself in the future.