Learning another programming language to compliment Python knowledge


I know basic Python so far.
I was wondering what one other programming language to learn to compliment my Python knowledge?
I was thinking of learning Javascript?

Any advice on this?


Hi @friendl74:

I think that it is up to you honestly. It depends on what you wish to use your knowledge for. If you plan to become a back-end engineer, then I think SQL would be good. JavaScript is also quite popular amongst front-end developers and can be integrated with Python and the front-end stack (HTML, CSS) for web development. Personally I took CS50 so I learnt C and Python together. Outside of CS50 and in my school’s curriculum after Python we learnt C# for Object Oriented Programming, although Python can be used for OOP too and I still prefer Python for scripting.

If you wish to further your Python knowledge I would advise you to find meaning in using it (for example use python for machine learning projects or scripting/security). If you want to learn a new language, find one that can be used and integrated together with your preexisting knowledge to create something meaningful that will help you in your learning journey as a Data Scientist and a Developer!

Best of Luck!

I would recommend that before moving on to another language, work on some of your own projects using Python.

You don’t have to have anything too difficult, but enough that you get comfortable with the idea of building things from scratch on your own. And it’s ok if it takes you time to do it.

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