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Learning Progress: Fundamentals of Machine Learning

It’s been a wonderful time learning Data Science with Python on DataQuest. Just to bring in something new here, I decided to share, as much as possible, my daily progress on this journey.

So today, I was on the machine learning fundamentals for about three hours, racking my brain to understand the concepts, and the instructions (what I enjoy most about DataQuest). I learnt for the first time, how to predict writing my own codes, as guided through the instructions. It was an interesting experience for me as I had to surf through webpages to ask questions on how to use some of the pandas methods, and also refreshed my memory on some lessons learnt on DataQuest last year.

I hope to continue this journey as much as possible with real world projects always inspired by DataQuest coding approach. Fellow Questers, let's keep on learning and applying the lessons in practical projects. Our perseverance will soon pay off.