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Learning Python the Easy Way


Thanks for this inspirational article! May this serve as a guide and inspiration to the python beginners out there. I too made a similar mistake of watching but not doing (using CS50 and Datacamp). Python is not easy language to learn and you miss stumble, you will fail, you will get frustrated. But this is a wonderful community to be in and us volunteers are here to clarify your doubts when you need us. Encourage more of your fellow beginners and learners to post their questions and their successes (completed projects) here! We will learn together and from each other and become better Data Scientist/Analyst/Engineers/People together!

Here is the article by the way if you would like to have a read:


Hi! that’s a great idea, and in fact i would like to recommend this site called It is a site that also teaches python through videos and provides exercises for python. In fact, they also have a community for pythonistas, where you can share your thoughts, ideas and also any queries about python and its functions. So what are you waiting for? Come on and visit

I recognized myself, great article @charlie