Less common joins assesment ex3

Screen Link:

My Code:

SELECT g.name, SUM(il.quantity*il.unit_price) AS total_purchased
  FROM invoice_line AS il
  JOIN track AS t
    ON t.track_id=il.track_id
  JOIN genre AS g
    ON t.genre_id=g.genre_id
 GROUP BY g.name

What I expected to happen:
Complete the exercise

What actually happened:

The query selected fewer rows than we expected. It should have selected 25 rows but instead, it selected 18 rows.

Im stuck guys, can you help me?

hey @iker.santamaria

I can’t access the original question. I tried your query in Postgres and got 24 records. Can you upload the actual question if it’s still unsolved for you? Only the question, please.