Less is More screen not giving credit for correct answer

Screen Link:

I have been trying to finish the Getting Help and Reading Documentation mission but the section on using the less program doesn’t seem to be reacting at all when I run the program. I typed

My Code:

cd dq/rg_data
less -S Arts Education

What I expected to happen:

For the code to run and it accept it as the correct answer after I pressed q to exit less.

What actually happened:

Nothing happened at all. Clearing the terminal after leaving less seems to do nothing, restarting the session and trying again doesn’t work either. I also checked the answer to make sure I wasn’t doing something simple wrong and it doesn’t look like I am. Could it possibly be a bug?

Hi @pandwtactical: please provide a mission link as per these guidelines. Maybe you could try to use Ctrl-C to exit instead.