Let's Team Up in NYC!

Anyone in the NYC area wanting to meet up and study together? I’m located in Brooklyn but can easily commute to Manhattan or Queens. Let’s hang!


hey! I live in queens and im down to meet :slight_smile:

I’m game. Can only do after work hours though.

Also in NYC here. Located in Brooklyn. Interested in a peer/professional community.
Also could only meet after 5pm weekdays.

I live in Brooklyn, I can meet up on the weekends.

Hi, I am from Staten Island. Down to meet any day and time. :slight_smile:

Hi folks, I’m in Harlem and work downtown! Down to meet after work hours. :slight_smile:

Hey! I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and work in the Financial District. Would be able to meet up most weekends, and weekdays after 6:00. I’d love to meet up with some people!

I am down to meet up. I have a job as a CyberSecurity Data Scientist.

I’ll be in Jersey City next month and would be down to meet up on the weeknights or weekends.

Down to meet up and study together! I can meet up during weekends or after work hours.

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Reviving the thread for September!

Anyone want to start meeting up again? I’m in the UES.

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