Life Expectancy, GDP Variation, Population and Income Levels Visualization (1800 - 2010)

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I have just completed the Visualization Project in Power BI. I indeed found a lot of insights. Unfortunately, unlike Tableau, I cannot share a link, but please see the insights below.

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  • Australia has not been considered as a continent rather it has been grouped with Asia
  • North America and South America have also been grouped as Americas
  • There is no data for Antarctica
  • There is no data for Low-Income Earners in Europe

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PDF Version:
Life Expectancy Viz Final (1).pdf (403.9 KB)

Life Expectancy VS GDP Per Capita by Region

Population VS Life Expectancy by Region

Top 10 & Bottom 10 Countries by Life Expectancy & Population


Wow, very good!
Can u share the original file(.pbi)?

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Please find here- Power BI Sign in

You might need a Power BI account to view it. Let me know if you can view it.
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You did a really good job making some conclusions! Way to go!

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Thank you! @brucemcminn

This is a good work. It’s commendable. I did mine but having a column that’s is more tiny. Don’t know why. Can you be of help and check? My report is Attached below.

Change the X-axis type from “Continuous” to “Categorical”

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Thank you. It works. I really appreciate your input and suggestions

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Hi @tosingeorge01 ,
Great job finishing the class! The visuals look great. Your comments are very helpful and do a great job explaining the visuals. The color coordination is great and makes it easier to follow your analysis! Great job!

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I appreciate your kind feedback. Thank you.

Oh my god thank you!!! i almost got depressed looking at visuals.

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