Linear Algebra (plot.quiver)

I have a question about plt.quiver()
Even though I have read about the function, I did not understand what ‘angles’ do? For instance, if inside the function angles is ‘uv’, what does it plot? I would appreciate if anyone can explain me with examples.

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In simple word the first two arguments of plt.quiver() are the x and y coordinates of the arrow location, the next two are the lengths of the vector along x and y direction respectively.
angle used to determine the angle of the arrow vectors plotted.
so angel=‘xy’ makes the arrow point from tail of the vector to its tip.
You can find out more details about quiver
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Thank you for the explanation!
My question is what does it draw if angles is ‘uv’? I would appreciate if you explain with examples inserting in numbers.
If x, y, u,v are given already why do we still need to specify angle? Won’t the code draw the coordinate from x,y, to the specifyed dimensions and the angle will automatically be formed?