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Hi dear friends
I am from Sweden, Stockholm. I suggest to connect via LinkedIn to endorse and support each other. Please leave your linkedin link here.
My profile link:
Mention dataquest in message plz.


Request Sent :+1:t5:

My Linkedin for others:

Nice idea.
Here is my profile link:
I would love to get connected with fellow dataquest team.

Nice idea.
Here is my LinkedIn profile:

I would love to get connected with the dataquest community.

Dear @makis_plegas, thanks and happy to stay connected on LN :grin:
Have a nice day!

Oh, sorry, folks… Here is my LN profile :smiley:

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Nice idea.

Here is my Linkedin profile link:
Linkedin profile

Request sent and brilliant idea I must say.

My LinkedIn:- Check out Daniel Adeodu’s profile on LinkedIn

hey @m.imani It’s a great initiative. I would like to get connected via LinkedIn. Here, goes my profile link.

It would be great :+1:
Here’s my linkedIn profile :

Hi everyone,
I’d like to join the club :slight_smile:

All the best!

My profile Fully supporting your idea.