Linkedln Group - Dataquest Student Network

Hello community,

In order to expand our network and get a better overview of how many students share common interests in the field on Linkedln, I have created ‘Dataquest Student Network’ group there. The objective is just to have a common space to share our thoughts on this matter.

Obviously, if there is any inconvenience with the Dataquest team, I can just delete the group (or pass it to a member of the Dataquest team in order to manage it), so any kind of intellectual property issues are not in the way of this idea. :grin:

Here’s the link:

PS: If there is already a network like this created on Linkedln, I’d be glad to join!! :smiley:



This is a great idea :+1:t3:

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Very good idea. I’m looking for a community of data science / analytics members.

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I have requested to join.
Please approve me

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Accepted everyone so far :slight_smile: If you are not accepted already feel free to reach me!

hi i have requested to join

I have also applied. I work daily with data and new stuff always pops up :wink:

Hi, I have requested to join.

Hi! I have requested to join.

So far, I accepted everyone. If is there anyone who had trouble being accepted, please reach me :slight_smile:


Great idea! I’ve just sent a request.

Thanks for setting this up. I just sent a request to join as well!