Lisa's 1st Project: Prison Break

Hello everyone ,
This is my first project, I would love to receive feedback from you.
Thank you

1st Project _ Prison Break.ipynb (177.1 KB)

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Hi @lisa.t, welcome to the community!

Based on my limited knowledge, I feel that you have explained well what you are going to do next, and why you are doing each step.

Keep up the good work!


Hi @lisa.t great project. These are my suggestions

  • try to make shorter output in your cell, this can help you to have a better communication of your project.

  • Identify key findings in your result so it would be an easier reader

  • Add some visualizations to help to communicate your findings

  • As you learned more things add your new wiills to your project and compare it with your first attempt, you will see a lo of improvement.

Great work, keep adding to your learning


Thanks for your comment @chuawt!

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Hi @PastorSotoBlanco, thanks for your suggestions! I will try to work on those points on my next projects.


Keep up the great work! It feels like forever ago since I did this same project, but it was only a month ago. You are on your way to learning some awesome things and I just want to offer encouragement and support in your journey.

Personally I’ve gotten stuck and frustrated many times, had to circle back to previous things I already learned, or had to google something, and that’s okay. Try as hard as you can to not rely on the solutions but sometimes you just need to glance at them because it might be a simple thing preventing the correct output. Like you have a typo or a missing bracket or ellipses - but you’re correct logically and just off slightly with syntax.

Take care!!


Hi @mkurylowski, thank you so much for your encouragement!
Yes you are right, I am still struggling at some points, but I will try my best to improve day by day. This is an amazing journey, I’m glad to a part of this community and meet supportive members like you.