Looking For A Very Good Python Book


I’m looking for a very good Python book to assist my learning with the language via DataQuest.

Any good suggestion?


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Well there’s a lot out there but some that helped me a lot were

  • Python for everybody - Charles R. Severance (this one is free! you can find it here)

  • Learning Python - Mark Lutz

  • The Python Workbook - Ben Stephenson

  • Fluent Python - Luciano Ramalho

All of them are about the basics of python, lists, data structures, objects, regex, etc

Some that helped me to complement about Data Science (i don’t know if this is part of what you want to learn)

  • Pandas for Everyone - Daniel Y. Chen

  • Python for Data Science - Wes McKinney (really awesome actually)

  • Introduction to Data Science - Igual Sangui

  • An Introduction to Machine Learning - Miloslav Kubat

  • Data Analysis - Siegmund Brandt

  • The Data Science Design Manual - Steven Skiena

you can find some of them here

Good luck and happy learning!



I’ve been using the Official Python Tutorial so far with Dataquest, before that I’ve also learnt from a book but it was in Turkish and has yet to be translated into English. However, I’ve seen many people recommending O’Reilly’s books, what especially first came into my mind when I saw this headline was this one. I’d recommend checking out learnpython subreddit for better recommendations, though.


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I am a big fan of O’Really book so most of their Python books are good. They books you’ve been already suggested are good as well IMHO, especially Python for everybody - Charles R. Severance and Python for Data Analysis - Wes McKinney. Enjoy :nerd_face::open_book::books:


Hi @friendl74: I also use Deep Learning with Python by Francois Chollet but I recommend being familiar with the basic syntax before moving on to more advanced topics and use cases of python such as in Deep Learning!

Happy Pythoning!