Looking for article contributions on R programming for the Dataquest blog

Hey y’all,

We are looking for original article contributions from our learners for the Dataquest blog. We are interested in publishing topics related to R programming.

This is a great opportunity if you want to leverage your writing to get a leg up on your future career. Getting your article featured on the Dataquest blog will unlock a huge audience through

  • the hundreds of thousands of visitors that Dataquest gets every month
  • Dataquest’s weekly email that is sent to tens of thousands of people interested in data skills
  • the 10k+ followers of Dataquest’s Twitter account

We especially welcome contributions from our Learning Assistants.

Please reply below if you are interested. :slight_smile:


I am interested. I started learning R and I am loving it. This opportunity would help me take my R programming skills to the next level.


I’m interested :smiley:

Right now I’m trying to definitely switch my career towards data science and would like to have a chance to contribute with your blog.

Please let me know if we have to propose the topic or how are you planning to do it.


I am definitely interested. R is relatively new to me as well and getting to learn more through blogging about topics surrounding it would be cool.

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I am definitely interested in this contribution. R is a great programming language and I believe i’ll get to know and learn more things through blogging. And I am pretty sure that we share and gain knowledge in this process :blush:
If you give me a opportunity on this definitely i’ll not let your expectations down.

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This is a very nice opportunity. I would like to contribute. I wrote my first R Programming blog on May 6th and am looking forward to contribute more.