Looking for feedback: "Building a car price prediction model for the CarDekho website" project

Hi DataQuest community,

just finished my project “Building a car price prediction model for the CarDekho website”, would be grateful for any feedback/suggestions/criticism.


Hi @Zaika_Bohdan

I will just jump to it! This project is massive, detailed and beautiful. :heart_eyes_cat: Honestly, there is so much to learn and understand here and I will take a lot of time to do that. I mean I took my time to go through the Read Me section itself on Github which lays out a very concise structure of the whole project.

I have bookmarked this post for future reference and as a guidebook as to how a project should be! Also highlighting it to @Elena_Kosourova and nominating it for Project/Community Champion (in case applicable).

Is this your personal project?

If you read this earlier sorry I used an incorrect word, I have tried to change it. Hope that’s okay now.


Great catch @Rucha, thank you! :heart_eyes_cat: And really amazing job, @Zaika_Bohdan, definitely an excellent candidate for this week! :star_struck:


@Rucha , @Elena_Kosourova

Hi, thank you for your kind words, appreciate your support!

Is this your personal project?

Yes, this is my first personal project for my portfolio. I’ve worked with one of the datasets from this project before starting the DS Python path at DataQuest, so I wanted to see how improved my skills.