Looking for feedback - Guided Project: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data ON SALE


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Hello everyone,

I faced some problems of understanding in the questions and I am still not sure if I properly understood the main goal rsrs. I would like to have more challenges to work on this analysis part.

Many thanks

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Hey @alanamonteiro9412

Good job on the project. Yes, it was a little unclear to me as well, once u complete other projects on Data analysis, you could probably come back to this one (It helped me to better understand what approach was to be taken).

Just a suggestion for future projects, for each step you take, it would be good to have a description for it. It helps you as well in the future when u come back to it for reference.

Raj Tulluri

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Hi @alanamonteiro9412, welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing your project with us!

One of the cells is commented out, where it looks like you were planning to remove all the listings that had a price of 0 (Step 8). It looks that affected the analysis down the line, where the mean prices are much lower than expected (30 dollars for a Mercedes? Sign me up!!).

I totally understand the feeling of not quite understanding the questions or losing sight of the main goal. It’s really easy to lose sight of the whole when looking hard at the details. One thing that helps me is writing as I go in a Markdown cell. I write what I’m doing for that step and seeing how that’s fitting in with what I’ve done so far. I will even write about what is confusing me – I can always edit that part out later if I want to. :wink:

The goal for this project is to practice learning the data cleaning techniques and analyze the results based on the questions, so it’s going to be tough in some parts!. If you get stuck because the question is unclear, a couple things you can do are to ask in the community to get some extra insight, and to check out how other students approached the project (or the DQ solution). We can learn a lot from each other, and then we can take that information and adjust our mental model. Even our mistakes and struggles teach us new things!

I would advise to check out that cell that was commented out and go back to the parts you were confused to update the project. Check out some student projects too. The more you practice and the more you observe, the easier it will get. If you get brain-fatigued, it’s okay to step away and take a break too!

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