Looking for feedback on Finding Heavy Traffic Indicators on I-94 guided project

I would like feedback on the my guided project including the additional voluntary part at the end of the project.

Last mission screen is at URL: Learn data science with Python and R projects

My notebook:
Basics.ipynb (440.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @sg10007

Thanks for sharing your project with Dataquest community. I have gone through your work and it looks great. Most of the explanations given, the code lines and the visualizations process have been well worked and nicely presented.Keep it mate for the good work.
Have got few suggestions to make;

  • You have hardly used the the comments in your workings, remember it’s through the comments that the reader will get to follow some of the code lines that might appear complex.
  • It’s always advisable to provide the link of the dataset you are using.
  • Always consider having your work into subtopic, and by doing so, take care not have them with the same fonts as the explanations as you have done in the conclusion , that subtopic(sub title) `conclusion’ need to be styled up . please check that out.
  • Kindly re-check the link you have provided in the introduction, I don’t think the directory displayed was the intended one.

Otherwise , congratulations for the good presentation!

Happy learning.

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