Looking for learning partner (Arkansas, US or international)

Just started dataquest and am seeking a learning partner (1 at least, more is better!) that is either nearby or that can webchat with me when needed, and DM/TXT/CALL. my work schedule is given to me weekly so we would have to set up conference times within a 7 day window. Hopefully we can also work on projects together.

Hi I can be your learning partner. I am also at beginner level and facing many errors alone. Just searching the forums. I will be glad to join you.

Hey hows it going? I probably will forget to check the forums, could we connect through LinkedIn or facebook?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/klkemock0910

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kira-mustonen-kemock-8a330519a

A discord server to join https://discord.gg/Ue2zxz9

Actually I’m also started and I’m beginner and I’m too looking for learning partner

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Can you link your linkedin or any other social account/?

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Hi @Klkemock09101! Arkansans unite!! Excited to see someone local!

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Yay! Whereabouts are you?

it’s my linkedin
Thank you

Hey guys, I’m currently on Exploratory Data Visualization. Please let me know if you are near so we can learn together.

i’m also in Exploratory data visualization

Hey that’s great! What part are you on?

i’m in course 1 in Data analysis and visualization

Ok I’m doing the project before that. Hopefully I’ll finish it today and by the end of the day I should be in the same course as you. I will let you know

ok and you may contact me here
it’s my linkedin
hopefully we will meet here