Looking for someone to team up with on an NBA Analytics Project


I’m a recent dataquest user looking to beef up my project portfolio. I’d like to see if anybody is interested in teaming up with me on an NBA Data project. It would involve the data gathering (web scraping, data cleaning, etc) and then using this data to make predictions through machine learning. I’d like to do it in python on jupyter notebook and share through github.

Any interest?

Hello, I am very interested in NBA, I would like to help you but I am in beginning level on Data Science, I am not trust myself, if you have enough time and if you are patient and if you want to help me learn I can help you:)))


Hey @adam.agovino ,

I’d love to help as I’m an everyday DFS NBA grinder and sports bettor although my knowledge would be a bit more useful on the NBA side, weighing stats, how to gauge certain systems, etc. as I still haven’t gotten to ML yet personally.

Would love to be involved though, let me know!

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I would like to join as well, but I am still just at the command line part and would need a bit of time to get to the ML :sleepy:

Hello s.matelyte, patrick, and tor232191

Send me a note when you are a bit more comfortable with python, sql, and ML and we can chat. Thanks for your interest.