Looking for study partners for Data Science Track (I am at 33% completed)

Hi this is Ket and I look for one or more study partners to finish the Data Science Track. The goal is to make this learning fun, inspiring and accountable. Here is a brief summary of where I am:

  1. Background in business and marketing
  2. Live in California
  3. Have some knowledge in HTML/CSS
  4. Love and comfortable with math
  5. Finished step 1, almost done step 2 and 4
  6. I am also taking coursera’s deep learning certificate for the math and theory boost

What I am looking for in a study partner:

  1. If you are at a similar completion rate
    a. have working sessions together regularly, for example, 1~2 hours daily (weekdays)
    b. select a data set and work together to bring ourselves on the court

  2. If you are just getting started:
    a. we can schedule a weekly check-in and I am happy to teach or share something

  3. If you are much more advanced than where I am:
    a. we can schedule a weekly check-in and you can master your skills by teaching someone

Time preferred:
PST time zone, sometime in the morning 10:30am-noon, or 1pm-4pm.

Please contact my email: [email protected]

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Hi Ket,
Just emailed you!



Hi Ket I also will shoot you an email.