Looping over a dictionary

Hi I wrote my code like this:

for row in moma:
   gender = row[5]
   if gender not in gender_freq:
       gender_freq[gender] = 1
       gender_freq[gender] += 1

for freq, gender in gender_freq.items():
   output = "There are {gen:,} artworks by {num} artists".format(num = freq, gen= gender)

Why does the variable gen returns the frequency and num return the gender? Is there any rule to this please help?

Hi minhha!

Try this instead:
for gender, freq in gender_freq.items():

a dictionary looks like this:
key : value --> gender : frequency
You assign the gender as the key to the dictionary and increase each occurence by one which makes it the value (frequency)

hope that was not too confusing…

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You need to do it like this:

for gender, freq in gender_freq.items():
   output = "There are {gen} artworks by {num:,} artists".format(num=freq, gen=gender)

But the resulting sentence is a bit weird.

There are Male artworks by 13,492 artists
There are Gender Unknown/Other artworks by 794 artists
There are Female artworks by 2,443 artists

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thank you, it what I needs. Its not confusing at all!