Lost code in guided project (Exploring Ebay car sale data)


It´s been a couple of days since I finished the guided project. Today, I wanted to download the code and put it on my blog. To my surprise, all the code is missing now even though the mission still has all the green ticks which means I did not reset the progress or anything. I put a lot of time and effort in building that project, I even did some additional tasks beyond the guidelines. Is there any chance you can get the code? Some sort of backup or something.
Link to the guided project:

thank you.

Click the ‘jupyter’ icon at the top left. It’s just above ‘File’ and ‘Edit’.

That should bring you this screen:

Click ‘notebook’. That in turn should bring you here:

Here you see your project with its name. In my case I didn’t re-name it before downloading it, so it’s just ‘Basics.ipynb’. Incidentally, this is also where the CSVs that you import and read into the kernel during projects are stored. If you worked with Jupyter Notebook locally, that’s where you’d have to upload anything you wanted to import into Jupyter.

If your file isn’t there, you might need DQ staff assistance.


Thank you but after selecting the file Basic.ipynb (I haven´t renamed it), the file is blank.

Ah, sorry to hear that. Seems strange. My version of that project is really old and it’s still all there. Seems like you might need staff support in rolling it back for you or something.

Is the same thing happening on other browsers, and on your other guided projects?

In the meantime, if you feel up to it you could attempt to go back to repeating the extra work you did previously by building on the suggested solutions to the guided project provided by DQ. You could have a look at mine too.

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Hi @kuchejdatomas,

My sincere apologies for the late response. I have recovered your Jupyter Notebook File (attached with this message). I sincerely hope that it contains all of your work.

3676_294.zip (2.3 MB)

@Sahil wrote an article on how to retreive your notebook file if you rename incorrectly. Or you can access on how to retrieve lost notebook article here..

This problem occurs when you try to rename the project by using spaces between words for example:
My First Project

Because of that, our platform couldn’t retrieve your file and it will display this error:

404: Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

Here is a way to reproduce this error:


How To Fix It?

  1. Click the Restore Icon 50%20PM
  2. Click on Restore Files


  1. Select Basics.Ipynb file 47%20PM
  2. Run this command in a code cell !ls to view the files
  3. Now run !mv "file name with spaces.ipynb" file_name_without_spaces.ipynb
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Select the renamed file ![57%20PM|201x23]> (upload://6LyYNH3xqHyOUjbEGzTZrLYksOf.png)


Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


!mv "file name with spaces.ipynb" file_name_without_spaces.ipynb

What @Sahil suggested is also valid because you are renaming the file.

Just to add on:

! is the operation to execute commands on the terminal.
mv is the command to rename/move a file/folder.
In our case, you are renaming back to the original file name in order reset the setting to default.

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