Lost With APIs how to use them for data modeling and machine learning?

Hello everyone, first of all, thank you so much for the effort put into the courses, I have been having tons of fun.

I went very quickly over your API related courses because I am really interested in using them in a little personal project.

The thing is I realized I have absolutely no idea how how to use the api to build a machine learning model.

Am I supposed to turn them into a dataframe? if so, how?

would it be possible to share some articles or examples or repos of how to use api calls to build a machine learning model?

In my case I would really like to use reviews from tmdb for sentiment analysis and in the future to try to identify homoglyphs in movie posters.

I am also open to youtube videos as a source of this knowledge.

Thank you for reading and for your time.


Hi @sousablde,

I would recommend you to check out this post:

It’s not well detailed, but it can give you some directions on it. The same can be expanded to retrain your model.