Mac OS Catalina Terminal Issue

I am using macOS version Catalina, when I enter the terminal and type the command “type” with option “-t” to view only the type, it displays this message “type: bad option: -t”

Can you please tell me how can I fix this problem so I can apply what I am learning in dataquest locally using my own terminal

Hey @awelhady

The type command is used to describe how its argument would be translated if used as commands. It is also used to find out whether it is built-in or external binary file.

-t : This option will display a single word as an output.
For example type -t cp will display a file if command is a disk file. Likewise, you should check for your requirement.

And also you can checkout this article which has written by one of our community member on " Understanding the complicated file permissions on the Bash CLI (Linux, Mac OS X and WSL)

Hope it helps.


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