Machine Learning and time series data


first of all thanks for the extraordinary work you are doing.

I have a question please. I am an OPS team member and majorly responsible for monitoring and some network tasks and auto deployment.
I know that data analysis, data science, data engineering and machine learning are not the same, but they overlap. I don’t intend to become a data scientist or data engineer, rather I am interested in ML and time series data.
My aim is to create a project, which will implement some basic anomaly detection, behavior prediction of some services and has some kind of simple root cause detection for our monitoring system depending on our metrics/time series data. I just cannot find any thing related to time series data.
Are you planning a course that handles time series data? Maybe a new course track?

Thank you very much in advanced

Hi @ghassan.elrayah,

Welcome to the Dataquest community!

I cannot answer your question exactly, so hopefully someone else will be able to help you out as well.

Dataquest does have a course roadmap that you can look at and even vote on. It shows what course they have planned, what courses are currently being developed, and what courses have just launched. You can find the road map here. I looked through it and didn’t see anything for time series analysis.

I actually was wanting to learn more about time series analysis so I bought this Udemy course that goes over time series data analysis in python. Right now it looks like it is on for a pretty good deal. I have run across some good blog posts. There is a post from Dataquest (it’s well written, but I found it was rather introductory). There are some other blog posts that go in more depth that you can find here and here. I have found the Udemy course to be the most helpful, but it also costs extra money.

I probably shouldn’t send you away from Dataquest :no_mouth:, but at the current moment if you want to dig deep in to time series analysis it looks like you’ll have to find other places.

Hope this was helpful,

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Hi @bvalgard,

well thank you very much for your decent, honest answer.

I’ve been through the posts you mentioned except the one on Dataquest. And as you said, they just scratch on the surface and I was looking for a deep dive course. Jose has indeed some really good courses, but probably that won’t be enough though, but for the start it is a good one.

I was hoping for something in depth including the theoretical and mathematical background with a project walk through, similar to what you are offering here at Dataquest. Maybe it will be introduced some time.

It might be a good idea to include students in decision making by adding the possibility to suggest new tracks in the road map.

Last but not least you are not sending me away, you still have very useful courses with rich content, specially the use of Python and the common libraries and modules in the filed in general, beside the machine learning courses and the mathematical back ground, which I definitely need as well.

So I’ll be back!

Thanks again

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