Machine Learning Engineering roadmap

Happy holiday to all Dataquest-ers,
I want to become a Machine Learning Engineer. Knowing that I’m in a Computer Science degree (I haven’t worked as a developer of any kinds) and completing Data Analyst path on Dataquest, reading ML books, doing projects and have no experience in the field. What do machine learning engineer do to become one? Like do they become a software developers, working their ways up and divert to Machine learning field, or they jump right off CS program and become a ML engineer?
Any one tried Logikbot before? What is your opinion on it?
Thank you.

Machine Learning Engineering - you need to be good in computer science, data science, algorithms, and mathematical theory.

In software engineering skills, you need to be confident in programming and good system design principles.

Data science concepts are also important. Data modelling and evaluation to ensure algorithms performs well.

Mathematics - Statistics and Probability. That’s basics.

Have not tried it. Unable to google search “reddit logikbot”