Machine Learning Model on Stock Exchange

Hello Everyone,
Am pleased to share this project with you guys on machine learning.
The project is about using machine learning model to prediction stock exchange.
I will really love to know how this model can be improved for better accuracy. many thanks


Hi @aramsono! Thank you for sharing your project with the Community :slight_smile:

I have some feedback for you:

  • Could you give some more context about your project in the introduction? What are you trying to achieve? Where does the data come from? What’s inside it?
  • Also briefly describe the methods (i.e., why Random Forest?) you used and the reasons for this choice
  • Increase the size of your plots to improve readability
  • Don’t forget to label the plots, and give them a meaningful title. You can read more about how to make your plots look better with simple techniques here
  • The plot in [18] is very confusing, you should consider some other plot type to represent the information you want
  • Consider adding code comments and docstrings for your functions, following, for example, the NumPy/pandas docstrings style
  • Write the conclusions where you wrap up your findings and suggest further improvements for your project :slight_smile:

You can learn more about how to improve your project’s style in this in-depth style tutorial

Hope my feedback was useful. Happy coding :slight_smile:

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