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Make python fast with numba (very fast)

Greetings to everyone.

Because sometimes my connection is not the best in the world, I download the Jupyter docs and try to make them on my machine, but the processor of my machine is more than a decade old (intel Q6600) and sometimes things do not improve, as I want, but I have a small GT 710 graphics card with CUDA and at the time I could see the big difference between running it on the processor and running it under GPU I have decided to share with you this particular finding, hoping that more than one will make your day.

Part I : Make python fast with numba : accelerated python on the CPU
Part II : Boost python with your GPU (numba+CUDA)
Part III : Custom CUDA kernels with numba+CUDA (to be written)
Part IV : Parallel processing with dask (to be written)

Part I: Make python fast with numba

Part II: Boost python with your GPU (numba+CUDA)

Best regards, have a nice day.