Making Plots Easier to read in Matplotlib - Error

Screen Link:

My Code:

plt.plot(women_degrees['Year'], women_degrees['Biology'], c='blue', label='Women')
plt.plot(women_degrees['Year'], (100 - women_degrees['Biology']), c='green', label='Men' )

plt.legend(loc='upper right')
plt.title("Percentage of Biology Degrees Awarded by Gender")

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened:
My plot would show, look the way it did and when I submit I would be able to move on. Instead it says my plot is different than what was expected.

Your 1st plot doesn't match what we expected.

Please see image to see if there is any detail I was missing in the line chart.

to clarify, I have since changed “Blue” —> “blue” and am still getting the error

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Hi @adamj.harner,

The error is due to a typo in the title:

“Percentage of Biology Degrees Awarded by Gender”

Should be B