Manual Penalties - Machine Learning project walkthrough

I couldn’t understand how this was interpreted? “Our true positive rate is now around66%, and our false positive rate is around39%

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This is a known issue and it will be fixed at a later date - Confused with the output

I may have run into the same bug mentioned here. On slide 10 of 12, it describes: Our true positive rate is now around 66% , and our false positive rate is around 39%. However, the results I received on the previous screen were true positive rate of 0.6195874372793161 and false positive rate of 0.6017814065689367. About 61% and 60%. I tried it a few times getting the same results, and even copy/pasted the answer and ran it, with the same result. The answer checker passed it as if it were correct, but it doesn’t line up with what this screen is describing of the prior result.