Markdown Syntax TABLE in the 'Learn Jupyter Notebook" project

I am literally copy/pasting the code from the answer they linked to, but it’s still not showing the TABLE that they didn’t even teach us, but still want us to do!
(NOTE: I am NOT typing all of that stuff out, since it’s already done in the answer code.)

Please tell me how I’m supposed to edit the code in the answer to get the actual table, and how I’m supposed to know that if it’s not even taught.

Thanks in advance.





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They have provided a resource on the syntax in the Screen

Use this resource to quickly learn the syntax for adding a table.

The above also includes a link to another resource which could help you create a table in markdown.

Have you gone through the syntax and compared it to what you are trying to do? Do you notice if your copied text is matching with the syntax or not?

I can understand that it can be difficult and even frustrating if something isn’t taught explicitly, but not everything can, should or needs to be taught explicitly.

Markdown is fairly simple and following the syntax and typing it out yourself would have helped you learn it as you went along. I would recommend, at the very least, trying to compare what you copied to the required syntax.

What you copied from is not markdown. On GitHub, you probably clicked on the Source blob (<>) (clicking on Raw would yield the same). I won’t get into explaining how Jupyter Notebooks work under the hood. But clicking on that button shows everything in a different format that Jupyter renders for us. The latter is what we see and work with in the end.

What you copied is not markdown just like how the following (from the solution’s source blob) is not valid Python code.

    "opened_file = open('AppleStore.csv')\n",
    "from csv import reader\n",
    "read_file = reader(opened_file)\n",
    "apps_data = list(read_file)\n",
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First: Wow, this was really condescending and disrespectful!

So, I have every right to fully expect them to do exactly that.

Third: You actually wrote a whole “reply” to someone asking for help, but didn’t actually provide any help.

Fourth: I am familiar enough with “The Doctor” (Doctor Who) to know that they would be at the very least embarrassed by a seeming fan of theirs speaking to someone like this and wasting their time like this.

Fifth: Please refrain from “helping” me in the future, if you’re going to be condescending and rude and waste my time.

Sorry if you felt I came off as condescending and disrespectful. That was not my intention. I will try to keep in mind how I could have phrased it differently. But, please do understand that tone can be difficult to understand through text as well.

Yes, you are. And you should absolutely expect concepts to be taught clearly so that you learn effectively.

But, there are also points where learners have to take up learning in their own hands as well. This is one such instance where a learner can manage to learn on their own without being explicitly told what to do. That’s a part of learning effectively as well.

I did try to help you:

  • I pointed out that the Classroom shares resources to help us get familiar with Markdown.
  • I asked you questions to try and debug the issue you are facing on your own.
  • I pointed out how this is something we can learn and try ourselves quickly, and again suggested you compare what you tried to the syntax.
  • I then clarified what you tried to use was not Markdown and provided a comparison to how text from that source was not correct Python code.

Markdown is not complicated because it’s mostly just a handful of syntax rules to use on top of regular text. Hence my question on if you tried to compare your solution to the syntax. Debugging our work is part of the process of learning as well.

Wanting someone else to help us/guide us/teach us is understandable and reasonable. But, it’s not always feasible nor necessary to teach every possible thing when the learner has the potential to learn something themselves.

Markdown is one such example where we can pick it up ourselves without much trouble. That’s why they provided us with a resource which takes a few minutes to go through since it’s essentially just documentation.

Just like we would have documentation for a programming language and library we might have to learn to go through and apply on our own (and is something, as we learn more and more, almost a necessity since not everything can be taught in a course). Markdown is much more straightforward so an additional set of steps to follow along with is not necessarily needed.

That’s the point I tried to make. I can understand if that’s not something you prefer, currently, but, I hope my reply clarifies that this is still a very important part of the learning process and I would still encourage you to attempt that in your learning journey.

Won’t be an issue. Have a good day and good luck!

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Hi Colleen,

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with the Dataquest learning platform and that you perceived the reply of @the_doctor as disrespectful and felt frustrated about it. I was going to take a look at the screen you were referring to in your post to try to reproduce the same issue, but unfortunately, I don’t see the link to the corresponding screen. Next time when you post here a question related to any Dataquest lesson, could you please add the link to the screen where you encountered the issue? For this and other purposes, you can find useful these guidelines.

Anyway, from how I see it now, the problem you’re talking about is related to a technical issue with the learning platform (since you copy-pasted the solution, and it didn’t work as expected) and feedback about the Dataquest materials (some materials were asked before they were taught). If it’s the case, then this Community is just the wrong place to ask this question since the scope of our Community is to ask questions on data-related topics or share/review data science projects. Here in the Community, we have only other learners, the Community Moderators and Learning Assistants volunteering to help the learners with their data-related questions and projects, and myself. None of us has authorization/tools to fix technical issues with the learning platform or introduce any changes in the learning materials.

What I’d suggest you is to both report the technical issue (i.e., copy-paste of the answer doesn’t work) to the Technical Support Team of Dataquest and send feedback (that some materials were not taught) to the Content & Product teams of Dataquest. To report the issue, click the ? button in the upper-right corner of the platform screen where you detected this issue, describe the problem, and click Report an Issue. To send feedback, click the ? button in the upper-right corner of any screen of the Dataquest learning platform, select Share Feedback, fill in the form, and send it. You can find more context about these options in the following post:

Hope it was helpful. Happy learning!

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