Masking using pandas DF

Why does the code in 1) work but not the code in 2), how do I make code 2) work?

mask = f500.loc[:,‘previous_rank’]==0

1) zero_previous_rank = f500[mask].shape[0]

2) zero_previous_rank = f500.loc[:,mask].shape[0]

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Also, you state that the 2nd code is not working. What do you mean by not working? Is the output not the one you expected? Does it raise some error? If so, please, include the whole error message as well.



zero_previous_rank = f500.loc[mask, :].shape[0]

loc first one is stand for rows and second for column labels like df.loc[rows_index, column_index].
It was giving error because you are indexing column with rows boolean mask.

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