Matching results but cannot pass the results check


I wrote the code as below. The results seem to match yet they cannot pass the result check. Can anyone help me to have a check? Thanks!

My Code:

df = pd.read_csv("nps.csv", parse_dates=["event_date"])
df['yearmonth'] = df['event_date'].dt.strftime("%Y%m")

df['categorize'] = df['score'].apply(categorize)

nps = df.pivot_table(columns="categorize", index="yearmonth", aggfunc="size")
nps['total_responses'] = nps.sum(axis=1)
nps['nps'] = ((nps['Promoter'] - nps['Detractor']) / nps['total_responses'] * 100).astype(int)

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Can you please share the link to the notebook or project?

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Hi, thanks for replying! The link is

Here strftime will return string so you have to convert it into int

df['yearmonth'] = df['event_date'].dt.strftime("%Y%m").astype('int')


Here you suppose to give column name category instead categorize

So it would be

df['category'] = df['score'].apply(categorize)

nps = df.pivot_table(columns="category", index="yearmonth", aggfunc="size")
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Ahh I see, thanks a lot for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad it helps. Please consider mark reply as solution to close question or give like. :slightly_smiling_face:

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