Mean of the answer_in_question

PatternsinJeopardyQuestions-Copy1.ipynb (17.9 KB)

The mean of the answer in question I calculated is 0.029716. The solution key answer in question mean is 0.05901. Is there a problem with my code? Also, the dataframe for this guided project is a bit different from that of the key. When I read in the file, the first row is different between the file I read in and that of the solution.

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Hi @vroomvroom,

Please provide also a link to the mission screen.

Sorry, here it is.

In your code there is an issue in the code cell [13]. The last return step is not a part of the for-loop. The value of match_by_count should be returned after all the iterations of the for-loop are finished, i.e. outside the loop:

for item in split_answer:
        if item in split_question:
            match_count += 1
        match_by_count = match_count / len(split_answer)
return match_by_count

Applying this corrected function to jeopardy['answer_in_question'], you will receive the correct mean.

Hope it helps.

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