Mileage in eBay Car Sales Data

In the Pandas Guided Project, the last step is to calculate average mileage by brand much like we found average price by car.

I’m confused where the column that has mileage information is. Doesn’t look like any of these columns.

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Hi @faruq.hassaan,

Yeah, after looking at the source on, you’re right.

The version uses “kilometer”. But Dataquest provides a modified version which uses “odometer” as the mileage column.

That modification is intentional for teaching purposes as explained on the first screen of the project:

We’ve made a few modifications from the original dataset:

  • We sampled 50,000 data points from the full dataset, to ensure your code runs quickly in our hosted environment
  • We dirtied the dataset a bit to more closely resemble what you would expect from a scraped dataset (the version uploaded to Kaggle was cleaned to be easier to work with)