Misalignment of x tick label on seaborn barplot when labels are rotated

Hi everyone,
I am working on the “Heavy Traffic on I-94” guided project, and I have encountered a problem with the x tick labels when plotting 'weather_description' vs 'traffic_volume'. The attached screenshot is the easiest way to explain the issue, but I will do my best to explain in prose as well. All but one of the x tick labels appear properly aligned with their respective tick except for the 'thunderstorms' label, which looks like it is aligned one text line below its tick label.

My Code:

by_weather_main = traffic.groupby('weather_main').mean()
by_weather_description = traffic.groupby('weather_description').mean()
by_weather_main.index = ['Clear', 'Clouds', 'Drizzle', 'Fog', 'Haze', 'Mist', 'Rain', 'Smoke', 'Snow', 'Squall', 'Thunderstorm']
by_weather_main = by_weather_main.reset_index()
by_weather_main = by_weather_main.sort_values('traffic_volume')


The issue only occurs when the plt.xticks(rotation(##)) line is present and ## = [10,75]. Otherwise, the alignment of the label seems alright. Any idea why this might be happening? I feel like it has to do with how long the 'thunderstorms' label is, and perhaps how it is set to ‘align center’ under the tick?

Any ideas or help you have would be greatly appreciated.

@chefpaul92: I personally have not completed this project but you might want to look how others have done it (just the portion that you are facing issues with) and google the syntax used if its still unclear…